Celebrities Who Drive Ford, Hyundai and Mazda

    Here at Pacifico Auto Group we have 3 Dealerships! Pacifico Ford, Pacifico Mazda and Pacifico Hyundai. We love our brands! We thought you might be interested to see some celebrities who do too….. In no particular order….. Drum roll please…… 

Celebrities Who Drive Ford Cars

Shelby GT 500 KR Convertible

Country Singer Alan Jackson has a great car collection. I bet he looks great with his blonde hair whipping around under his cowboy hat riding around in his Shelby GT 500 KR convertible!

Kelly Clarkson is the Spokeswoman for Ford Warriors in Pink. We love this Ford campaign. Kelly love the Ford Mustang!

 Celebrities Who Drive  Mazda’s 

Patrick Dempsey

Grey’s Anatomy’s “Dr McDreamy” drove this dreamy yellow Mazda RX-8 in Daytona! 

Equally dreamy Hugh Jackman drove this RX-8 in the movie X-Men 2. This car had customized wheels for his character Wolverine!

Celebrities Who Drive Hyundai’s

Ron Artest from the LA Lakers was given this Platinum Motorsport customized “Laker” Hyundai Genesis by funny man George Lopez


Though the car in this picture is not a Hyundai we have some fun celebrity trivia for you. Tyrese Gibson (well known for his role in the Fast and The Furious movies) learned how to drive in a Hyundai.


About pacificoautogroup

In Philadelphia for over 80 years! The Pacifico Auto Group is and always will be family owned! We were one of the first 5 auto dealers in the Philly Auto Mall and the only one left! We are proud to be part of Philadelphia history and still serving you!
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