Drive in Movie Theaters….They still Exist!


We were inspired by today’s Google Doodle to share with you this awesome news!!! There are still Drive in movie theaters in PA and NJ! The best news?! We found a few within a not too painful driving distance from Pacifico Auto Group! Soooooo after you have visited us and you want to take your new wheels for a spin you can drive in to the following theaters….. ( in order of distance from us)

*First, let us start with a disclaimer. We have not been to any of these locations and are in no way endorsing them. We were just so excited about the fact that we can relieve our childhood memories that we had to share sites we found with you! Please, if you have been to any of them comment below and let us know how they are! We would love to know! Also, feel free to share your drive in memories with us on Facebook or Twitter.

1.Delsea Drive In. Vineland, NJ. 43.7 mi 53 min from Pacifico

On this day in history the first drive in movie theater was opened in 1933 in NJ. This was not that theater but it is the only one left in NJ today. It opened in 1949, closed in 1987, and reopened in 2004. They have a very informative website and an extensive menu that even features Atkins/ low carb options. The Delsea has a Spring Season, Early Summer season, Summer Season and Fall Season. For $9 a person you can catch a double feature at your choice of 1 of 2 screens.Though you have to buy a $9 outside food permit it is still cheaper than a movie and food at your local AMC.  During the summer (June 13th to labor day weekend they are open Wed-Sunday)

2.Shankweiler’s. North Whitehall ,PA. 65.4 mi 1 hr 25 min from Pacifico

If you are looking for history this is the place. Shankweiler’s is America’s oldest still existing drive-in in! Wilson Shankweiler was the second to open a drive in movie theater in America on April 15, 1934. They have a snack bar with traditional movie theater fare and are open only on weekends( they do not list if they have different seasons so be sure to check their website before you head there to see if they are open). Like the Delsea it is also $9 a person to catch a double feature but they only have 1 screen.

3. Becky’s Drive-in. Walnutport, PA. 78.1 mi 1 hr 46 min from Pacifico

Be sure to click enter site on this oddly laid out website. Opened at its present site in 1946 this theater features some great family fun, when showing PG movies they offer Pony Rides for the kids! Becky’s also offers traditional movie theater food with a few surprises like Perogies (yum). Catch a flick here at 1 of 2 screens for only $8 a person on weekends only.

We hope you enjoyed this info! We will see you at the movies! How fun would it be to see a movie in a Ford Thunderbird Convertible from Pacifico Ford , a Mazda Miata from Pacifico Mazda or from open the hatchback of a Hyundai Elantra from Pacifico Hyudai ?!


About pacificoautogroup

In Philadelphia for over 80 years! The Pacifico Auto Group is and always will be family owned! We were one of the first 5 auto dealers in the Philly Auto Mall and the only one left! We are proud to be part of Philadelphia history and still serving you!
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