For the Love of Mustangs

David Gross and his father Bernie are long time customers of Pacifico Ford.  So much so that really they are family here at Pacifico.

Bernard M Gross (affectionately referred to as Bernie), former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and current Lawyer whose offices reside in the John Wannamaker building downtown bought his first Pacifico car ( a 1965 Mustang) at our old location on 23rd and Passyunk almost 50 years ago. When he was ready to upgrade he came to us again for his 1970 Mustang.  He was well known for is  bright orange 1970 Mach 1 Mustang 302 (a 1970 article in the Philadelphia Dispatch even boasted about his youthful personality reflected through his  vividly colored car).

David had his eye on that car since the day his dad bought it. David and Debbie Gross with Mustang(You can see David and his sister Debbie pictured here with the car when David was about 6 years old).  When David was old enough his father gifted him the 1970 Mach 1 which further fueled David’s love of cars.

Skip ahead a few decades and David has since purchased many cars from Pacifco all from our veteran salesman Rocky DeGregorio. Among the cars he has purchased are a Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe, a Ford Explorer and a Ford F150. His recent purchase though is what really prompted this article.

A couple months ago David decided it was time for something with more character and purchased a 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca. He had thought about buying the Ford Mustang Shelby but decided that the Laguna was just more “badass”.  He purchased his Mustang boss in a matching color and now is the proud father of twin cars. While David and Rocky reminisced about all of the cars David and his father have purchased, David talked about his restoration of the 1970 Mustang and his travels to car shows with it.


I had the pleasure of seeing some artifacts he still has from the original purchase of the Mach 1. He still has all of the original papers including his fathers bill of sale and owner’s manual.  I also saw photos of the restoration process.

David says that another purchase is in the near future as he will be needing a new truck to tote his Mustang to car shows.  We look forward to seeing you soon David!

The photos here and these tidbits of great loyal customers were just too good not to share. We hope you enjoy.

-Melissa Gehrke

Digital Marketing Manager

Pacifico Auto Group


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In Philadelphia for over 80 years! The Pacifico Auto Group is and always will be family owned! We were one of the first 5 auto dealers in the Philly Auto Mall and the only one left! We are proud to be part of Philadelphia history and still serving you!
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