How do car models get those fancy names?

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My sincere apologies for the extended amount of time since our last blog. As a way to make it up to you this one is sure to be enlightening and fun!

Have you ever wondered how your car model got its name? Take a look at some of the makes we carry! There are some great ones and some head scratchers. Take for example  Ford Escape and the  Ford F-150. Just the name makes you think about all the fantastic places where you can “escape”!  I am far from a fan of numbers though being a creative type so the name of the F-150 is not quite so fun.

Car models are named by car naming consultants. ( If this sounds like an interesting job check out this site for some tips on developing names) Sometimes manufacturers even have contests to name models. I found a great tidbit from a 2008 article on CNN of how the Ford Thunderbird got its name from a contest back in 1954 and car designer Alden Giberson won a $95 suit and $42 pair of trousers for his name being selected.


The Mustang was aptly named after this fast horse

When names are being developed some are blatantly named for characteristics that would want to make you buy a car such as being fast. Names like Cougar ( Mercury) and Mustang ( Ford) certainly fit the bill. Sometimes even combining two words to create a new one that equally evokes speed such as the Veloster ( Hyundai) a combination of “Velocity” and “Roadster” work just as well.

Wicked cars

Wicked cars

Some are named after things that well… lets face it just sound badass. Take for example the large amount of vehicles named after stinging insects: Hudson had two with the Wasp and the Hornet Dodge had the Super Bee , Nissan/Datsun had the Honey Bee , Chevrolet had Stingray (while not an insect still a pretty wicked thing to get a car name from)


So why name a car with just  letters and numbers? The Ford F-150, Mazda CX-5, Mazda6 ( majority of Mazda’s for that matter) are just a few examples.  Many manufacturers use this alphanumeric approach. First, due to the fact that after so many years of car manufacturing it is difficult to come up with great names that are not yet taken.  Second, because their competitors do it and ya gotta “keep up with the Joneses”. Third, and maybe one of the most important reasons… It is not as easy to have a bad car name using numbers as words.

Unsurprisingly there have been some mishaps with car names. You’d think that these car naming consultants would cross reference other languages or just use a little more common sense when naming something that they would actually like to sell. This blog will amuse you with their top 5 worst car names.

Hope you enjoyed this overdue blog! If you think of some other great ( or bad) car names please share with us in the comments section below!


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