Kerry T. Pacifico Nomintated for Time Dealer of The year award.

For those of you who may not know our illustrious leader has been nominated for a very prestigious award. It has been over 40 years since the last time he was nominated and we think that he is definitely due to win the 2014 award.

Time dealer of the year

Mr Pacifico was a Local Time Quality Dealer award winner in  1972


Kerry Pacifico Sr being presented with his Time Magazine Local Quality Dealer award by Merritt Hulburd from Time and Warren J. McEleney president of the National Automobile Dealers Association










This is not to say his competition is not worthy by any means, they all stack up and we commend all of them for being nominated as well. A little background on the award and Kerry will show you though why we are not bias in our opinion just because he is our Dealer Principle…

Some say that the Time Dealer of the Year Award is the most prestigious award a new car dealer can receive and not just anyone can have the great honor. Just a couple of the requirements state to enter you must:

  • Have an ongoing presence in the dealership offices, actively managing the dealership
  • Have at least a five-year record of active participation in affairs of the nominee’s state or local dealer association

Mr. Pacifico has been  active in managing this dealership ( which has undergone some transformations from a Kaiser-Frazer dealership in 1945, then a Lincoln Mercury Dealership and finally became Pacifico Ford in 1954) for longer than some of these nominees have been alive. At 89 years young Kerry is still here at the dealership almost everyday. As for the other requirement listed above Kerry has been an active member of both state and local dealer associations for over 60 years including being president of the   local Ford dealers association in 1965.  A few other highlights of his career include being a president of the Ford advertising association 3 times and the co-founder of our very own Philadelphia Airport Auto Mall ( the second largest auto mall in the country) and  the only one of 5 original members to still be a part of it.

Throughout his awe inspiring life Mr. Pacifico also served in WWII and was awarded a Purple Heart, won numerous awards such as multiple Ford Distinguished Achievement Awards and been very charitable in our community.


Mr Pacifico collecting awards

Mr Pacifico collecting awards

This coming May will mark the 50th year since he instituted the Kerry T. Pacifico Family foundation to give scholarships and hope to local high school students. Kerry is so proud of this foundation that he even has it in his will to continue the giving for years after his passing.  To date he has donated over 1.5 million dollars to this charity alone and his contributions grow every year.

Mr. Pacifico and his daughter Maria posing with their 2012 donation check

Mr. Pacifico and his daughter Maria posing with their 2012 donation check

There were originally over 13,000 entrants for this award. Kerry is now one of 57 still in the running. From there a panel from University of Michigan’s Ross school of business will whittle that list down to 4 finalists from each NADA region and then they will select a winner on January 25, 2014 at the NADA convention in New Orleans, LA.

If any of you judges out there are listening we think that winning this award would be the pinnacle of his career and that he would be an outstanding choice for the 2014 Time dealer of the year. ( and not just because he signs our paychecks) Who could honestly not admire this man?! For more photos and information check out our Pacifico Auto Group Timeline on Facebook



About pacificoautogroup

In Philadelphia for over 80 years! The Pacifico Auto Group is and always will be family owned! We were one of the first 5 auto dealers in the Philly Auto Mall and the only one left! We are proud to be part of Philadelphia history and still serving you!
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