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In Philadelphia for over 80 years! The Pacifico Auto Group is and always will be family owned! We were one of the first 5 auto dealers in the Philly Auto Mall and the only one left! We are proud to be part of Philadelphia history and still serving you!

Kerry T. Pacifico Nomintated for Time Dealer of The year award.

For those of you who may not know our illustrious leader has been nominated for a very prestigious award. It has been over 40 years since the last time he was nominated and we think that he is definitely due … Continue reading

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The Drive in Returns! Update to our blog post about Drive in theaters! Coming October 18th ( through Nov 22) Philly will have a Friday night Drive in movie theater courtesy of The Awesome Fest and some other great vendors … Continue reading

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Redesigns through the years. (A look at Ford, Mazda and Hyundai Facelifts.)

Aren’t you all lucky?! Two blogs in one week! I had a spark of curiosity while driving into work this morning when I saw an older model of Hyundai Elantra driving in front of me. How and why do car … Continue reading

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How do car models get those fancy names?

Dear blogosphere, My sincere apologies for the extended amount of time since our last blog. As a way to make it up to you this one is sure to be enlightening and fun! Have you ever wondered how your car … Continue reading

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For the Love of Mustangs

David Gross and his father Bernie are long time customers of Pacifico Ford.  So much so that really they are family here at Pacifico. Bernard M Gross (affectionately referred to as Bernie), former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives … Continue reading

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Hyundai Blue Link….How Cool

What is Blue Link? It is Hyundai’s innovative telematics system. ( Oh there we go throwing all kinds of techie auto jargon at you. I bet you are wondering what telematics are too). Telematics are all those fun handy dandy … Continue reading

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Summer’s still not over… make sure your car is up for the heat

First we just want to say to all of you out there in blogging land that we are sorry we have been away for so long 😦 But, we are back to impart some wisdom and keep you safe this … Continue reading

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