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Redesigns through the years. (A look at Ford, Mazda and Hyundai Facelifts.)

Aren’t you all lucky?! Two blogs in one week! I had a spark of curiosity while driving into work this morning when I saw an older model of Hyundai Elantra driving in front of me. How and why do car … Continue reading

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Drive in Movie Theaters….They still Exist!

We were inspired by today’s Google Doodle to share with you this awesome news!!! There are still Drive in movie theaters in PA and NJ! The best news?! We found a few within a not too painful driving distance from … Continue reading

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People Who Look Like Cars

I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen people who look like their dogs but what about people who look like their cars? Ok, so first a disclaimer…. the people in the pictures may or may not actually belong to these … Continue reading

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